Don't let a physical
challenge keep you
from the game you love.

If the use of your hands, arms or shoulders are at all compromised, the Miracle Glove could be the means you've been hoping for to get you back on the greens. Discover the new JDM Miracle Glove™ and its scientifically designed, course-proven Assist-a-Grip™ System today!

Our Revolutionary
Assist-a-Grip™ System

The JDM Miracle Glove™ is more than an adaptive golf accessory. It's the result of 15 years of research, development and testing by a partnership of doctors, physical therapists and PGA golf professionals. The resulting technology provides golfers with and without disabilities the secure grip they need to enjoy every moment on the fairway.

Get The Confidence and
Control You Need

The game of golf has so much to offer physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. The JDM Miracle Glove™ has been developed to provide you with a secure golf grip with no slippage or twisting giving you the confidence and control you need to get you back on the course swinging, chipping, driving, and putting.

Designed for Physically Challenged Golfers

The JDM Miracle Glove™ is designed for golfers with arthritis, nerve damage, brain injury or paralysis. For golfers with these physical challenges, the ability to make a gross grip (a light fist) on the club is often difficult, if not impossible. The JDM Miracle Glove™ will help you get back in the game!